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The Final Chapter

The impending server merge has resulted in Vradical members having to make a tough decision to ensure our journey continues on. In the last few days, Cervantes oldest faction Vradical has made a collective agreement to merge with our close allies Halcyon. This was an extremely hard decision to make, but the faction feels it is the best step in consolidating our place in the new server, Bach. The future remains unclear but together with Halcyon one thing is certain, we will continue to strive towards our goals.

This post serves as a means for us all to remember the good times. Members both new and old have all contributed to this tight knit community in some way whether it be great or small. As we look towards the future and the challenges that lie ahead, we pause and fondly acknowledge and remember our rich history. Even if this seems like the end of Vradical, the memories, the bonds and our strength will continue to live on in all our members. Vradical started as a small faction with big dreams and aspirations, and looking back I honestly don’t believe the founding members ever expected this to result in one of the oldest and proudest Cervantes factions. The faction has been through so much, good and the bad, but somehow we’ve always managed to come out on top.

The journey began on 21st May 2007 all thanks to our first faction leader Cassase, along with his two sisters Faith and Lanif. Together the three recruited members from all over the world, of all levels, who would come together and create a strong community bond. The early faction quickly set their sights on establishing themselves in the server, with our first victory resulting from the capture of Ferrucio Junction. Using this momentum Vradical would soon attain Level 52, and set their sights on bigger and harder raids.

Chaos would soon befall the land of Cervantes, with internal politics and betrayal sending the server into disarray. During this period many Vradical members would turn their back on the faction, and in a matter of weeks Vradical was completely wiped off the map. Through much planning and coordination, a two week assault finally brought an end to the alliance of traitors. When all seemed lost, the faction still held it together and pulled out on top. Together with Wrath of God and Halcyon a new alliance would emerge, and for a period of time Cervantes would be in total control by these three strong factions. This would also see the faction step up its raiding program, and attempt new raids such as Diablo and Vergo.

Most recently WOG departed from the Alliance, leaving Halycon and Vradical to fend for themselves. The faction continued to dominate the world map, however, other factions would soon challenge this dominance. Through co ordinated attacks numerous factions fought against Vradical and Halycon, regardless of this neither faction was ever wiped off the map. The factions would fight back even harder the next week to ensure that they would regain their losses. Further more, the two factions continued to raid hard taking down Griffon, Ureaus, Garim, and many others for more powerful equips for their members. The announcement of the server merge had forced the senior members to consider the future of the faction, and it is believed that merging with Halcyon will be the best course of action. This is by no means the end of Vradical, the faction will not be disbanding with Weisswriter taking hold of the leadership, and keeping the Vradical name alive.

I’ll also take this chance to say what the time I’ve spend in Vradical has meant to me. I feel proud to say I was a Vradical since it’s early days. Although I left GE for a period of time, I was welcomed back upon my return. I am thankful for the time I’ve spent here, and feel privileged to have met such a diverse and interesting group of people. My journey through GE and Vradical has been amazing, and I feel positive about the future. I’ll take this chance also to extend my thanks to the founding members, the handwork from our current faction leader and deputies, the senior members as well as everyone else. You’ve all been so awesome, and I think I speak for everyone in the faction when I say we couldn’t have done it without you guys!

Here’s some final words from our Leader and Deputies.

Familier: Vradical was the only faction I’ve been in ever since I started playing GE. I thought it was just some botting faction at the start because the invitation was like machine generated and pm-ed to you by a mule lol. It said something like: “Good day fellow pioneer. We would like to invite you to join our Vradical Family. Let us help each other so that we shall grow together”. Well not exactly those words but something like that hehe. I didn’t know it was Maximus until Fetuccini joined and told me after a few days of her stay. It was fun being in Vradical. There are lot of people to talk to, a very friendly environment and nice people willing to help other members.

As days, weeks, and months passed by, Vradical has changed. Before it was just a faction for chat and company, but after some time it developed a goal to be one of the great factions in Cervantes. People started raiding bosses, and attending colony wars became a requirement. That is what we have been doing until the past week. However there are circumstances that cannot be avoided like this server merge. Everything was being planned by the leaders and senior members till this news came out. To take action about the issue, the leaders of Vradical and Halcyon decided to merge.

The merge is very much in effect now as you can see even though there are a few who are against it. We are not leaving Vradical because we are giving up on our “Ancestors’ plans and dreams” for us, but we are doing this to push ourselves to be stronger. We will try to take our capabilities to another level. Okay before I say more crap I better end this lol. Vradical will be remembered – all those memories both good and bad. It is time to move on, so let us move on together. You better get ready, more action lies ahead.

Fetuccini: So we’re finally moving on, this is really sad for me and I think for eveyone too. Leaving Vrad is really my last option for me til they say they’ll be merging servers. I wanna say thank you to all that stick with Vrad. To the leaders (Noriaga and Familier) and the my fellow deputies (Zaleski and tarotaro) its so nice to work with you guys, I admire every single of you guys, I wanna thank you all for you patience and hard work. Vrad wouldn’t reach this far without u guys. As for the members, thank you for all the memories, thank you for being supportive and being friendly (and sorry if I lashed out on some, REALLY REALLY SORRY, didn’t really mean it.) This is not really goodbye and this isn’t supposed to be sad. If someone wanna step up and lead the next generation of Vrads I’d love to help, I’m just a PM away in game. I wanna wish everyone good luck! More good times ahead of us! See you when you get there. Enjoy the vid ^_^

Tarotaro: Firstly I’d like to thank Familier for leading the faction, you did a great job guiding the faction to the top. Fetu you were always there assisting with the daily faction matters and it was because of you the faction ran smoothly. Thanks to Zal for putting your time in supporting the raid system calculations and thank you to all the senior members for staying with vrad and assisting in decisions. To the members, thanks for your company and fighting beside you in colony wars was awesome! Finally, thank you to Cas, Faith and Lanif, if you ever read this, it was all possible thanks to you three.

Zaleski: Guess this is our next step huh? It’s hard to say goodbye to my one and only home for the past 16 months in sGE, through all the turmoils and fun we had in this faction. But, it’s only the beginning of a new phase for us. As we move into Halcyon we may take their name but we are still Vradicans and a part of this family deep inside us. We can see the characteristic of a Vradican if we elaborate each letter:

V – Vradican Forever.
R – Radical views of Life.
A – Aspiring Pioneers.
D – Diligentness.
I – Ingenious Minds.
C – Cordial.
A – Affectionate.
L – Long Live Vradical!!

So, what’s my final word for Vradical?
“Keep Moving Forward!”

One can only imagine what lies ahead for Vradical and its members. We’ve been through so much together, but don’t be sad for what we’re losing, be happy for what we’ve had. The memories will stay with us forever, because I can honestly say I’ve never been part of such an amazing group of people in any online game. This is not the end, its the start of a new beginning for each and everyone of us. Although we’ll soon be Halcyon members, the spirit of what we had, what we achieved and Vradical will stay within each of us. It’s been an amazing journey so far, let us stand together and look positively to the future. Rascon signing out.

Viva La Vradical….

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Destination Unknown

Thanks for everyones comments on my first post and I’m glad you all enjoyed reading it! The faction has been extremely busy recently, from altering our colony wars strategies to camping and raiding. As the title suggests, although much has happened, the future still remains a mystery. With the recent announcement of a server merge, one can only guess the future of Vradical. That aside, onto the news!

GHG Defeated!

A joint effort by Vradical and Halcyon brought down the Great Hill Giant and opened the path towards Chaos Requiem. Together the two factions synced attacks and with their strong fire power the GHG was soon defeated. Congrats to the two factions for such a well coordinated effort! With Chaos Requiem open, one can only imagine what lies in store for the two factions.

Quick Q & A With Vradical Deputies!

This month we’re getting to better know our Vradical deputies! First up, the first member of our Vradical zoo, the hamster himself, and our vault master Mr tarotaro! We often bug him in faction chat to log on and distribute items, but surely theres more to this guy… right? Hell, just keep reading!

Q. What is your fondest memory whilst being in Vradical?
A. Spending time with EVERYONE who was in Vradical – wherever they went, even to opposing factions – it was fun to know them.

Q. What is your favourite GE character and why?
A. Ele! There’s only a few families who started off as double elementalist; their aoes are just great!

Q. What does it take to be a Vradical deputy and how do you feel you contribute to the faction?
A. A good deputy should be considerate, and happy to give up your own GE time. I contribute through helping with the vault system, website, and faction forum.

Q. What is your favourite flavour of ice cream and why?
A. TARO! It’s so delicioussss!

Am I running out of other things to post? Possibly… Anyway! Let’s do another one! Introducing the second member of the Vradical zoo, its pandemonium time! With our very own panda, whom we also call Zaleski! Poor Zal probably has the toughest job, calculating all the raid points for the sometimes, not so patient members. We appreciate it, we’d also appreciate knowing more about you!

Q. What drew you to GE and why Vradical?
A. I got introduced to GE thanks to Corinthias ‘coz everytime we meet he would say how awesome this game is and etc, etc. But i think cause of it’s XAI which i can AFK and not manual grind too much. And I got in Vradical thanks to Cerex, and truthfully speaking, I joined this faction at first just for company and someone to talk to. heck i was just a talking machine before and didn’t consider to take serious playing this game.

Q. What is your fondest memory while being in Vradical?
A. Hmm….Doing the 1st Vergo Raid, it was like the genesis of Big Boss Raiding Fever for me. But everyday being in Vrad is like a never ending fun fest for me.

Q. What do you think has been a striving force in Vradical being around for so long?
A. Two words, TEAMWORK and UNITY!

Q. If you could meet any person from any time who would it be and why?
A. Since you didn’t say it’s limited to one… So here’s the list: 1. Michael Angelo & Leonardo DaVinci – I love their Artworks/Painting, 2. Members of Earth, Wind and Fire – I LOVE their songs!!!!!, 3. Kate Hudson & Leah Dizon – I wanna kiss her…… and…. and….u know…. *Drools~*, 4. Kevin Levrone – I want him to be my personal trainer lol…


Third time lucky! Let’s do one more! Our recently featured Gamer Girl, and also our very delicious last deputy…. FOOD! Who we also sometimes refer to as Fetuccini! From making videos to kicking serious butt in colony wars, she’s definitely the mother hen of the faction making sure all the members are looked after. Let’s find out more!

Q. Why did you choose to join Vradical?
A. I was lvl 52 back then, Maximus asked me to join. It wasn’t really my intention to join Vradical but its the first time someone invited me so I tried joining. Surprisingly everyone was friendly and yeah I enjoyed the group so I did stay til now.

Q. What is the toughest part about being a deputy for such a big faction?
A. Hmm I’m only in charge mostly of Recruiting. It is fun, you get to meet new people and you get to know them. But at the same time its hard choosing (not to mention getting blamed also for getting annoying newbs) and its sad when you tend to trust people easily then they suddenly do something bad ><.

Q. What is your fondest memory while being in Vradical?
A.Everything. Its really fun being with Vrad, I appreciate everything that happened good or bad. I feel lucky knowing most of the members. Its fun playing with all of you guys. ^-^ Oh yeah! I forgot the R+18 sessions!!! Adult swim. rofl!

Q. If you could go back in time, where would you go and why?
A. Eehhh… I dunno lol. I like where I am now. I’d probably just wanna be more with Familier 😛 (This really feels like im being categorized on to some psycho test rascon is doing rofl ><.)

Hilarious right? Food, I now hereby classify you mentally insane! Haha, so now we all know a little bit more about our fellow deputies. Let’s just say I won’t be buying ice cream with Taro anytime soon, nor will I be leaving Zal alone with poor Kate Hudson and I also think Food should be last person to ever receive a time machine… LOL, Moving along!

Garim, Griffon and Glory!

The faction has continued to increase raiding to ensure members are provided with new equips to strengthen our firepower. As a result, the faction has been focusing more on raids such as Garim and Griffon. The faction extends their thanks to the numerous members who have invested time in camping Griffon. Although the task is tedious, the rewards have been extremely positive, with many Vradical’s now possessing E.92 armors to strengthen their characters. The faction continues to raid Garim in hopes of the ever elusive E.100 items, however, this has definitely been one of the harder raids. Garim has definitely provided the faction with an avenue to hone in their coordination and team work. This should be essential for the faction to conquer harder raids in the not too distant future. Here’s some screenshots of fun times at raids!

Colony War Report

The map of Cervantes continues to change every week, with the power shifting from faction to faction as the weeks progress. The numerous assaults on the alliance have resulted in Halycon and Vradical stepping up their colony wars effort. New strategies and better coordinated attacks have all been the factions focus in ensuring their continued presence on the map of Cervantes. Our most recent colony wars has also resulted in our most successful outcome, with the faction managing to hold onto nine colonies. Keep up the great work guys!

With the impending server merge, no one can say for sure the events which will soon unfold. Regardless, one thing will still remain, the bond we vradical members share with one another. Viva La Vradical!

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A New Chapter Begins

Hey everyone, Rascon here! I’ll be taking over the blog duties for the faction due to Doomguard’s resignation as faction blogger. It’s going to be a tough position to fill but hopefully everyone enjoys my articles! I’ll try to make this as fun and interesting as possible! I’ll be posting updates once a month, unless of course something urgent needs to be posted.

Onto the News!

As you can all see nothing has been posted in ages and this update is long overdue! Yet with everything which has happened recently one wonders “where to begin?” There have been many changes occuring including numerous successes and some disappointment, however, these events will no doubt form an integral part of Vradical’s proud history.

Leadership Changes

Our previous Leader That, would part ways with us to join Halcyon passing leadership onto senior member Noriaga. However, this would be short lived as Noriaga would soon pass leadership onto another keen and capable vrad. Stepping up to the challenge Familier seized leadership and sought to improve both the raiding and colony wars aspect of the faction. Familier continues to stand as the current leader of Vradical, and with his strong lineup he leads the faction with courage through the dark times which lie ahead.

Quick Q&A With Our New Faction Leader

Familier is known by many nicknames in the faction (most of which probably aren’t suitable to be posted), yet who is Familier? What are his likes/dislikes? Here’s a quick Q&A to get to know the real Familier.

Q. What is the best part about being faction leader?
A. The best part of being the faction leader is that I can be a good example to the other members of the faction.

Q. What is your fondest memory whilst being in Vradical?
A. R+18 late night discussions with other faction members, LOL.

Q. What can we expect in the not too distant future for Vradical?
A. We’re looking for ways to ensure Vradical can keep up with the competition. Our goal is to be more active in raids for now and the future. The closing of recruitment has also been undertaken to improve the faction members bonds with one another.

Q. If you could be any animal, what would you be? Why?
A. One only? Well I’d be a lion so I can RAWR at Vrad noobs who don’t follow instructions.

Now wasn’t that insightful? Haha I’d post more but some of those answers weren’t exactly PG rated. So hopefully this shines a bit more light on the ever mysterious faction leader whom we like to call Fam. Stay tuned for more Q&A’s!

Raiding News

With the recent successful raids Vradical set it’s sights on more challenging raids with more rewarding results. After initial struggles with the Fire Gate, the faction managed to organize itself and effectively defeat Lava Leaf with no problems. Special mention should be made to certain members who have made this possible, to our tankers and dpsers, you know who you are. With this, the faction continued to strive to acquire and equip their members with better weapons and armor turning their focus to raids such as Lightning Gate, Garim and Griffon. Setting our sights even further, the faction is looking forward to tackling even harder raids such as Novia and the downing of the Great Hill Giant.

All Vradical members should also check the forum for details on our new raid point systems. This new system will work in parallel with our current one, and will take effect from September 10.

Colony Wars

The disbanding of our long term allies Wrath of God, saw the strengthening of ties with Halcyon. Fighting hard the two factions split the maps of Cervantes and exercised total control. However, this victory was short lived as dark times would soon ensue. The emergence of a new alliance challenged the Vradical and Halcyon’s hold on Cervantes and over two weeks the colonies would be split amongst the numerous factions. Although extremely outnumbered the faction along with Halcyon have continued to fight hard ensuring their hold on existing colonies as well as reclaiming previously lost ones.

Colony Report 24/8


The faction appreciates the continued interest by players to join the faction. However, effective immediately Vradical is no longer accepting new members. This is to ensure a more community feel within the faction and strengthen the bonds of current members.

One can only wonder what lies ahead for the faction. However, one thing is certain, with our pride and strength we will keep striving towards our goals. With the help of our members the Vradical family will continue to soar to new heights.

Posted by: Vradical | May 22, 2008


Yes, you got that right. There will be big events coming to Vradical this May and all will be saying WTF! (wow that’s fun 😀 ) HAPPY ANNIVERSARY VRADICAL!~




Come and join us on May 31 for a PVP party~ Hope to see you all there.

Posted by: LSH | April 6, 2008

Resignaton Notice

There has been many structural changes lately within this faction and I too am not immune to them. It has been an interesting experience writing articles not for myself but for a faction. The change is a bit sudden but it’s time i move on as an MMOG player. With effect from this post, I must resign as Vradical’s faction blog writer. Anyone wishing to try out faction blogging may approach me or existing Vradical leaders for blog account details.

Hope you guys enjoyed my articles.

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